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Exploring Humiliation as a Kink: London's Best Bratty Humiliatrix Sessions

Updated: Jan 3

I have a playful and bratty style, I will use you for My pure entertainment... watch you perform, whisper things in your ears, and play with your triggers to see you blush.

My laugh is addictive, My smile is adorable and My words are sharp. The contrast of it all will scramble your brain and let you beg for more...

Everyone is different and has different triggers, I curate my sessions to each of My subs and their fantasies. A few of the things that W/we could explore: SPH I will laugh at your tiny shrivelled cock, take the measuring tape to take out for inspection reminding you that you will never Never be able to satiate Me.. or any woman for that matter! Over the Knee Spanking You deserve to be punished for being such a bad boy, I will have you fully exposed & vulnerable over My knee... full grown men over a beautiful Goddesses knee is enough to make you blush. Corner Time & Writing Lines You aren't good with instructions but I will turn you into a quick learner, the humiliating corner time in the diverse exposing poses should do the trick, if not I'll bully you to write your stupid mistake over and over until you finally learn... Dirty Feet/Shoe Worship Dirty boys get dirty feet, I want to see you eating the dirt from the soles of my shoes and the mud from my feet... you are filthy and you know it... Watersports For some, my champagne is a reward... but for others, there's nothing quite as humiliating as getting used as my toilet, getting fully soaked in my sweet nectar, who knows maybe I will even flush your head while I laugh endlessly.

Dominatrix Goddess Luna Law sitting on top of a sub while his head is being flushed in the toilet

Ignore You don't even deserve my attention, I will use you as my footrest while I watch TV/ do admin/ video call with friends or perhaps I will take you to a girls' night, make us watch Have a delicious dinner while you have tap water or leave you in the corner holding our purses as We giggle and have fun.

Get laughed at, mocked, and bullied by a Humiliatrix Goddess

What are you waiting for?

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