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Discovering the Mummy Domme side

I will always adore the feeling of a slave whimpering under my feet and dishing out pain and punishment however I have also been loving taking on a more nurturing role as a Mummy Domme recently.

I trully believe that power does not come from being mean, it comes from being respected and adored... and having an eager little boy hanging off my every word, prepared to do anything to do a good job for Mummy is so hot and powerful.

I know some of you need a firm yet nurturing hand to control their lives, encourage their devotion and focus on what is important in the world (spoiler - it’s Me!).

Helping subs to achieve their goals, become better versions of themselves bring Me so much fullfilment! I want to see my property to achieve that promotion, to go to the gym, drink their 2 liters of water and constantly improve!

Having little subbies desperate to be a good boy for Me is exactly what I deserve and I know you love the feeling of My hand on your head telling you how Mummy will look after you. After all, knwing you can be the most authenthic self and Mummy is here for you is extremly conforting.

We all have busy lives and it seems more and more cute little subs just love to have Me empty their head of all their thoughts and turn them into my adoring pets.When you're in My presence, you don't have to think, just to obey and be a good boy/girl.

Every sub is different and for some the carrot works better than the stick and in the same way I often find that the cute subs I nurture can end up being the best sluts for Me through encouragement and positive reinforcement... hearing them thank Me for it with the pure adoration still in their eyes. They go through all that just to get praise and a kiss on the head from Mummy. From the hottest scenes to restricting My subs social media time in order to help them to reduce their screen time, deep down I think I've always been a Mummy Domme ( only to the ones that trully deserve it ).

After all, a true Goddess deserves to be surrounded by the best version of Her good little sluts to pamper and adore Her right?

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