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T, London

"I was lucky enough to have a one hour session with Goddess Luna Law and it was one of the best hours of my life. I was a bit nervous arriving at a dungeon but Goddess Luna put me at ease and explained exactly where to go. As soon as I arrived and saw how stunning she looked in her latex any nerves disappeared and were replaced with excitement. Goddess Luna seemed to know exactly what I wanted to enjoy this session (including some things I didnt mention but wanted to, telepathy?) and it was the perfect balance of fun and supportive but also slutty. The time flew by and had me wishing we had more time together, but this is only as it was so much fun, I did not feel rushed at any point. Thank you Goddess for such a beautiful kinky experience!
My only question is how long until we can do it again?"

J, London

“Goddess Luna is a true expert in domination. She has amazing knowledge when it comes to finding out how a sub’s mind works, and combined with her beautiful looks and natural dominance, it was really too easy to feel submissive and obedient in Her presence. Before the Session, G Luna was extremely friendly and communicative, making the whole thing feel completely natural and relaxed. She has the most gorgeous size 6 feet and an incredible way with words, along with the sexiest accent imaginable. It was honestly the most fun, thrilling and authentic D/S experience and since my last session, I have not stopped thinking about being back at Goddess Luna’s feet and under Her control.”

Doggy, France

"i had a JOI/CEI skype session with Goddess Luna Law for the very time with a bit of CBT and humiliation. It was absolute heaven, i couldn’t keep my eyes off Her and Her feet. She is such a wonderful Domme, She instantly knew how to deal with a sub like me that i couldn’t last for a minute straight. i was so blessed to be able to hear Her laugh at me during the call, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world. i highly recommend a session with Goddess Luna Law, it’s sub’s paradise"


"Loved the custom video! Getting teased by Your sexy feet and dirty Converse was just marvelous. My mouth was salivating at the tought of being put to use on Your dirty shoes. Thank you!"

R, London

"Thank you ever so much for my first session. It really was a dream come true"

H, London

"I'm very fortunate to own a pair of Goddess Luna's stinky socks and my oh my, they smell divine!! I was mesmerised from my first sniff, and every sniff since has been just as captivating. Every inhale of the wonderful, sweet but sweaty aroma, makes it very difficult to stop (which i don't mind). But it definitely makes me crave more, and the opportunity to sniff Goddesses feet in person once again. And i must say, they are soo cool!! They have bananas on, and i love bananas-not as much as the socks though! I'd highly recommend Goddess Luna's smelly socks if you adore sweaty and sweet foot scents."

Presley, London

"I had the chance to work with the incredible Goddess Luna and I can say that She is very professional and absolutely sadistic. She also has humility and gratitude which is so nice and not many people have these great qualities in their character. If you're still thinking of having a private session with Goddess Luna, my advice is to stop thinking about it and just go for it. You will have no regrets"


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