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Apply for a Session


Read My Website carefully and fill in the form honestly.


If your aplication is sucesseful, you will hear from Me in 72hrs.
(Check your email spam)


A date and time will be agreed on and you will pay the deposit. 


We will discuss some other missing details. The address for the session will be sent the day before. 


We meet!
You'll pay the remaining balance by cash and have the best time of your life.


In-person sessions:
I require, ideally, 72 hours in advance to book a session, as the spaces I use are busy and difficult to book last minute. 

How to buy a Custom Clip:
Fill out the questionnaire as honestly and descriptive as you can.
Write N/A on the non-applicable questions.
You'll get an email from Me within 72 hours with more information.
The full amount is required to confirm the order.
I will send you a WeTranster link with the clip.
You'll Goon your brains out! 

Thank you for contacting Goddess Luna Law!

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