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Corporal Punishment: London Session for pain enthusiasts

Updated: Jan 8

Corporal Punishment also known as CP is the BDSM practice of administrating pain through several forms to produce pleasure and release on the receiver.

Each person has different pain levels, if you are an absolute beginner or an experienced masochist, I will cater the session to your level and needs, always respecting your limits. After all, consent and communication are the pillars of a safe scene.

London Dominatrix Goddess Luna Law wearing black latex bodysuit and court heels holding a riding crop

I love seeing you in subspace, floating in the limbo of pain and pleasure

Corporal Punishment/ Impact play comes in various forms and shapes, here are a few of the ways you can suffer for Me in session: Spanking The perfect warm-up. Either an old-school over-the-knee spanking or having you exposed on a spanking bench I love feeling My hands getting warmer as your bottom turns red. Pummeling Be my human punching bag, My rhythmic thuddy punching is a delicious type of pain, perfect for feeling manhandled by a strong Goddess Caning For the pain aficionados, the cane is a staple, my precision will turn your bottom into a work of art, are you good at counting? Or will you be at the mercy of my sadistic count? Paddling & Flogging I will introduce you to My varied collection of toys, from stingy to thuddy, I will take you to the floaty subspace where every hit will send a wave of pleasure through your body

The possibilities are endless whether you like face slapping, or slipper/wooden spoon spanking I am sure we will have a delightful time. Is your bottom tingling?

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