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Ass Worship and Smothering Fetish: Juiciest London FemDomme

What are you waiting for to worship My perfect round ass as if your life depended on it?

Picture of the Dominatrix Goddess Luna Law looking over Her shoulder , wearing a black latex bodysuit and harness straps, which lift the already voluminous ass

I love to get my perfect round ass worshipped, it brings me immense pleasure seeing you hypnotized by so much plumpness.

Whether is in yoga leggings, stinky tight gym shorts, latex, or shiny nylon I know the view of my ass makes you weak... Ass Worship Wait for my instructions and I will tell you exactly how to make Me happy, kiss it until I'm satisfied... after all an ass like this deserves all the attention in the world. Face sitting I love using your face as my seat... I will be gentle as I tease you with my luscious ass, I will wiggle, bounce, and make you fall deeper and deeper in love with it.

Ogyxen is overrated, all you need is my aroma

Ass smothering You'll hear me laugh as I use full body weight to sit on you and squish you under my powerful glutes, will you get the privilege of oxygen? Will I make you tap out? Butt Drops I will crush you as my bottoms drop on you... you'll be nothing more than a crushed deflated toy when I finish with you.

Why aren't you worshipping my ass right now?

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