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My Foot Domination Journey: Softest Soles in London

Updated: Jan 8

Foot Domination is my main specialty, I know My soft size 6 feet will turn your brain into mush ready to obey.

Foot Dominatrix Goddess Luna Law sitting near London Bridge showcasing Her dirty Soles, public plY

How it all started

If there's a kink I used to be extremely against it was foot fetish... until I tried it, and My life hasn't been the same since. A sub of Mine was extremely interested in My feet, My shoes, and My hosiery. Seeing My long size 6 feet would drive him insane so I decided to play along with it. Before that I wouldn't allow anyone to touch My feet they were too sensitive/ ticklish and I thought that feet where the ugliest part of anyone's body, I didn't even wear sandals in summer time. As you can imagine I thought it was hilarious that My feet could have so much power over someone... he didn't deserve My long toned legs, My round ass, just my feet!

When I finally got My feet worshipped for the first time something clicked. I understood why there was a frenzy... IT FELT GOOD... it gave Me shivers down My spine, the good ones, since that moment I never looked back...

I started attending BossyPaw, a foot Fetish event in London, where I was able to meet more people who shared this fetish and explore its different nuances.

Getting my soles worshipped at London Bossy Paw foot fetish party

Foot Worship

I loved getting My cute toes sucked, My arches nibbled and My soles massaged... I became very particular in which ways I like to be pleased and I ensure to train everyone that meets Me.

Trampling Presley


Coming from My lust for power it's no surprise that I enjoy trampling, the first time I did it was at Club Pedestal you could hear My laughs from the other room as I was dancing, marching, and treating men like My carpet, it became a favorite! It's amazing how trampling can be so relaxing or so sadistic depending on the type of session... I love digging My heels or perhaps just placing my soft feet on bare skin and shifting the weight from the ball of my feet to my heel...

Stuffing my stinky moist socks on steeballs face

SCENT TRAINING Quite a lot of My footboys crave something more... knowing that I'm a gym enthusiast they started begging for My scent, they want to taste My sweat, and they are addicted to My stinky foot aroma, those filthy boys clear up their schedule so they can see me right after My workouts, there isn't something quite as real as stuffing My damp sweaty socks in some footboy's mouth while I whisper the unthinkable in his ear and giggle.

There are so many other niches like boot/ heel worship, dirty/ muddy feet, nylon worship, etc... that I will have to cover another day. What are you waiting for to book your best foot domination London session?

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